I will ask a question concerning Jade Stevens ' title of myself as a "self-proclaimed prophet." She is right that this is my proclamation, so the designation is accurate and fair.

However, in most, if not all cases, when a prophet came forth to speak the Word of God, who else proclaimed him to be sent of God? Nobody I know of other than when John the Immerser proclaimed Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah, and Jesus bore witness of John? It was almost as though the prophets were on their own. God would have to give hearers the grace to believe. Invariably, He gave very few if any to believe.

I point this out because while Jade means well, I suspect she's unaware that in nominal Christendom, the term "self-proclaimed" infers that the prophet who declares himself a prophet of God is necessarily false.

They don't consider that all the prophets in the Scriptures confessed they were prophets of God, whether they were false or true.

Only of Jesus Christ did God bear witness personally to the people. Otherwise, He seldom if ever declared to the general public something along the lines of, "This is My man I'm sending you; listen up."

No, the man He sends will declare, "Thus says the Lord," and people will have to decide for themselves whether they will believe him or reject him. That is the Scriptural Testimony of how God works.

When people come with unbelief, evil intent, and false accusation saying, "He's a self-proclaimed prophet," and he is false, they have nothing to fear, but if he is true, as I am, then they have pronounced the death sentence on themselves.

"I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put My Words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto My Words which he shall speak in My Name, I will require it of him" Deuteronomy 18:18, 19.

Instead of saying of that messenger, "Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord," they are truly saying, "Cursed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord." Cursing His messenger, they curse Him. Cursing God, they blaspheme and are cursed, even to the death.

I'm thankful Jade inadvertently brings up this point. It occasions important truth to be spoken for all to "be careful how they hear"... and speak.

  • Victor Hafichuk Terri Cabreros, here's the commentary that addresses your concern.
    • Clayton F Roswell and btw victor ive been calling you false for many years inmany different ways and im not dead neither is thosuands fo other people so take your nonsense and your threats elsewhere
    • Victor Hafichuk If I'm so wrong, what's your problem? Am I coming to you or are you stalking me? YOU take YOUR nonsense, which is perfectly obvious, elsewhere. You're on my post and I not on yours.

      And aren't you dead? That's debatable. The Scriptures declare the dead don't know anything. You "demon-strate" that quite clearly.
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk and you demonstrate saying your a prophet unto moses and satan will be saved as the false teacher and prophet you are
    • Sabine Smit Victor Hafichuk I cannot see Terrie's comment here.
  • Victor Hafichuk Ronnie Tanner, why wasn't this podcast on my page and why didn't Terri see the commentary? Not getting on you, just perplexed on this. You may reply privately.
  • Clayton F Roswell you dont just claim to be aprophet you claim to be jesus christ which is the prophet like unto moses you dont grasp your blasphmey but thats the level of pride you have
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    • Victor Hafichuk You are the clown you present yourself as in your page. And people are to believe anything you say? And what do you care about blaspheming against God? I can tell you hate the Lord Jesus Christ, you have no use for the Bible, and you are the one blasph eming.

      You are a phony, a loser, a blasphemer, and you won't get away with it. And I'm glad. All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty. He's finished winking at antics like yours.

      "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." You are that fool, "Clayton." And I'm here as that prophet to tell you so.
    • Steven Webber listen to Victor...i believe he knows what hes talking about
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk calling a egotistical manic who thinks hes the prophet unto moses delusional is not hating god its stating truth its pointing out the demons inside you whispering these delusions of granduer to you but ofcourse the almighty prophet cant have demons either right lol the truth is victor as many have before her your EGO was vioalted when someone dare question you so now your agian throwing out nonsense and claiming someones cursing god cause they dont recognize your delusions no one cares about your false humility throighout the interview either its very apparent and anytime your questioned you throw a temper tantrum hurling down curses you have doen this for years
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk youve been throwing out threats to every ministry in the world for years now victor no one is scared of you i assure you thats why you have no following really and your site is trash
    • Brian McDonald Clayton F Roswell
      There is so much I would love to say to you Clayton but for the life of me I can't figure out what or even why. It would make more sense to talk to a plum.
    • Clayton F Roswell Brian McDonald if your a follower of victor go look in the mirror and see said plum
    • Brian McDonald Clayton F Roswell
      I follow Christ Jesus Almighty God, same as Victor. I hear and know His voice.
      Whom do you follow?
    • Victor Hafichuk Clayton F Roswell if I'm so concerned about such as you, why don't I delete your comments or block you? Has that occurred to you? Not that I won't do it. We'll see what the Lord says.
    • Victor Hafichuk Clayton F Roswell Not one threat have I ever made against any false teacher. Warnings, corrections, rebukes, reproofs, admonitions, exposures, identifying sins, yes, plenty, but those are not threats any more than the prophets of old threatened.

      Clayton, you don't understand and don't care to do so. You are simply one miserable demented creature (no loose words here) that refuses to repent. You'll perish soon enough.

      There are many wicked people who live a long time, like Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, the Clintons, George Soros, Robert Mugabe, many. Are they therefore proven righteous because they live long? One of the wickedest kings of Israel outlived many righteous ones. You'll have your turn, I assure you.

      Now, I write not for your sake but that of others. I allow you to speak your vanities and blasphemies here in "my house" for a record and witness to others. I have nothing to fear, nor do they. I haven't threatened you, either; only stated the facts as they are.

      Satan, you have to do your job and when you're done, into the lake of fire you go. No problem.
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk oh please according to you even satan is saved eventually a false teacher and prophet personified
    • Sabine Smit Clayton F Roswell Everything you spout is pure projection. You are full of yourself and full of demons.
    • Clayton F Roswell Sabine Smit and victor claiming to be the prophet unto moses ins Deuteronomy you see no demons working there lol trully your blind as bat and have never casted out a demon in your life
    • Clayton F Roswell Sabine Smit none at all hu no delusion of granduer manifesting for victor to say he was written of in teh torah and he is the prophet unto moses which is saying he is basically the highest prophet whos ever lived you my friend need some medication and to get out of the cult im not the one making such demonic and absurd claims he is
    • Victor Hafichuk Clayton F Roswell you better hope "satin" (sic) is eventually saved; otherwise, you don't have a "chance of a snowball in hell" of salvation. If HE can't be saved, how can you?
    • Victor Hafichuk Clayton F Roswell how's your site and following? Are you loved, Clayton? Are YOU popular? Do you have even loving family, friends, decent people who care about you? What church do you go to? What church would have you with your ways and thoughts? Are y ou welcomed and desired by anyone? How's YOUR state in any segment of decent society? Are you a true minister of Jesus Christ? Do you know and love the Lord? Have you served to change lives and bring them up out of the depths of hell and darkness of death into the Light? Can you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the Risen Savior of mankind? Can you answer these questions honestly and positively?
    • Victor Hafichuk Brian McDonald good question!
    • Victor Hafichuk Steven Webber please send me your email address for a Rand Paul petition I can forward you.
    • Steven Webber Victor Hafichuk whos that?
    • Victor Hafichuk Steven Webber write and I'll send you the information
    • Steven Webber i just sent u an email to victor at pathoftruth
    • Victor Hafichuk Clayton F Roswell do you have a mirror? If so, look in it and tell us all what you see. And, oh, be honest. Is that possible for you?
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk victor why dont you go look in one and say it slowly DELSUION OF GRANDUER your so full of shit the toliets are jealous
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk victor satan aint gonna be saved and you teach it as truth cause your a false teacher an dnot a prophet lol HELLLLLO
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk victor you literally have entire alphabets on your crappy website to sit there and call everyone in thier mother from smith wiggsleworth who did more miracles in one church service than your entire life lol to francis chan to everyone in between false teachers and not ONE positive message about any bible teacher ever lol BUT ofcourse as all cults' and psychotic whackjobs do you raise yourself to be the great prophet lol not just a great prophet THE prophet unto moses such delusion
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk look seven of your brainwashed minions liked yoru comment go victor way to lead the endtime army great prophet lol
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk yes victor anyone who questions you and calls you out on bullshit cant be saved see how your deluiosn work as if your yah almighty himself
    • Michael Preston Steven Webber Rand is a Libertarian politician well known for upholding conservative and generally Judeo-Christian values as well as vehemently opposing Leftism.
    • Brian McDonald Clayton F Roswell
      Victor didn't say you can't be saved. Read it again. "If He can't be saved, how can you?"
      It's not called the restitution of all things (everything) for nothing. Everything God ever created was for the good. It all serves His propose and when it has done its job the good in it will be revealed. Everything will be perfect, just as He intended it to be, including you.
  • Victor Hafichuk I have left this adversary's posts up for all to see it for what it is and how it poses, whether male or female, black or white. Obviously, this creature takes great effort to remain anonymous.

    Creatures of darkness will not reveal themselves. They'r
    e full of fear, of cowardice, and evil intent, of course. It should be plain for all to see who have understanding and eyes to see that if such contradictory manner and evil comes opposing me, there must be something good that they should take offense and fight me.

    Having allowed such as these to expose themselves to the world, I think we can now block this pestilent fellow from all our activities. I think we'll do some housecleaning. Ronnie Tanner?
    • Victor Hafichuk But do leave the conversation heretofore up for the record, for all to see and consider.
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk victor you have had so many people leave the moon river cult and had the same exact testiomny of your controlling nut job antics and bullshit...i am not controlled by you you only work on gullible naive novice chrstians and now you fina lly come out of your rock and admit your delusion for all to see now openly took you long enough no wonder so many have left your cult over the years victor even your buddy cohen left when you were challenged you play the role of compassionate minister so well until someone calls you on your bs then you turn into the egomanic false prophet you are i only hope these poor gullible souls do some google searching on you and wake up
    • Clayton F Roswell call up ronnie another of your brainwashed zombies come get em ronnie lol
    • Clayton F Roswell Victor Hafichuk ill be backvic imma make sure everyone knows the fraud you are i assure you
    • Beryl Knipe Clayton you must be a stalker.
  • Victor Hafichuk An interesting thing I find is that beasts like this Roswell character don't stop to consider that I have everything of my doctrine posted at TPOT. It's all there for everyone to see. I let and leave his comments public so others can see. My answers to all these things are there and available for all. Yet, the enemy keeps coming as though I'm lying or afraid of being found out somehow.

    And are they trying to convert me to Christ? Do they declare Jesus Christ to be Lord? Will they show us THEIR fruits? Is what they are saying worth anything to anyone? Do they think that God will forgive them for their secret sins of porn, drugs, fornication, adultery and such because they publicly denounce someone whose doctrines are obviously against the popular harlot church's teachings?

    What's their hoped-for payoff? What is it? Or is it that they are devils who simply despise the Truth and therefore they hate me without a cause because I speak the Truth?
  • Victor Hafichuk Indeed, I have had many leave me. Jesus had the 70 leave Him, and while taken to the cross, His closest disciples left Him. Was He at fault for it? The people stoned the prophets; nobody would listen to them. Was it their fault? The people wanted to st one Moses. Elijah had to flee for his life at one point. Amazing how these blasphemers can't add 2 plus 2. How can the Godless understand? They simply can't... or won't.

    Envious, jealous, bitter, resentful, covetous souls these are, hateful and murderous losers who refuse to hear God's Word and repent, and so they suffer grievous consequences. Not my fault. I'm not here to convince but only to speak. People must make up their own minds and decide.

    And what sin can those who left lay against me? Can Paul Cohen say? Can Sara Schmidt say? Can any of them say? If they can, let them, by all means.

    What about all the false teachers I've pointed out in warning to others? What's happening to them? The most recent of many I've heard of is Brad Scott. There have been many and there will be many more.

    For years I preached against Nigerian prosperity preachers born and bred by the likes of Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland. In recent years, the sword has struck that nation. Those churches are suffering the onslaught of Islam. But they wouldn't believe me. I did not threaten them but I did warn them. Did they listen? No. See what happens.
  • Victor Hafichuk My attackers can't handle the Truth. They can't stand the Light, being children of darkness, very fearful and foolish.

    And, they come attacking and think to what? Divulge secrets people don't know about me? Don't they see that they get their "secrets
    " from ME, from TPOT? Are they expecting me to run and hide, cringing in embarrassment like some scoundrel choosing to avoid the public eye, knowing they were doing evil, wishing I wasn't alive because I've been found out? Who are they hoping will pin a medal on their chests?

    Yes, I AM that prophet. As Jesus declared He was the Christ, as John declared he was that voice of one crying in the wilderness, as Paul declared he met the Lord and was appointed an apostle to the Gentiles, so I do declare I am that prophet spoken of by Moses. Yes.

    Do I claim to be Jesus Christ as this Roswell liar accuses? No, but I DO come in His stead. Truly, it is by HIS Spirit that I come and declare Him to the entire world as that prophet, just as Moses declared Jesus Christ to Israel and the world, and I am that prophet "like unto" Moses. Yes, I am.

    No, Moses wasn't that Christ. He didn't claim to be. I am not that Christ and I've never claimed to be, EXCEPT that He comes in me and I in Him. We are one. In that sense, I AM the Christ, but not by or of myself. That is the difference.

    And I speak these truths by the Scriptures and by the Spirit of God. Prove me wrong!!! Fools come and try and fail and go to their doom, every last one, whether in days, weeks, months, years, decades, or perhaps in a lifetime, but it happens.

    I have known and declared it for decades now. I confess I have wondered, I have doubted, I have questioned, I have even disbelieved, but the Lord has held me firm and stable. I have learned and my calling has been confirmed in what I could almost say to be countless ways.

    Do I need to prove myself to anyone? Not that I know, and I certainly have zero desire to do so. I can say this: I DO want you to hear what I have to say, I DO want the world to believe me, but not for myself, if you can believe that, as much as the human heart wishes to be believed and not called a deceiver. But for God's Glory and Joy, I want you all to believe. For YOUR sake, I want you to believe so that it will go well for you.

    I have learned and received Life, Jesus Christ. Now, He has appointed me to declare Him to the world. It will go well for those who believe, very well, and it will go badly for those who don't believe, very badly. No threats, just declaring the facts, things as they are.

    Who's with me? Very few? Sad. Very many? Wonderful. Two, ten, a thousand, millions? Fine. I need only speak, no matter if nobody believes. I need to speak though nobody loves me and many hate me, and that's the way it is. I'm thankful I am what I am and for what God has been to and done for me. Very, very thankful.

    My desire? That God be glorified and overjoyed, that others enter into the Father's joy with me through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Almighty God, Faithful and True. Amen, amen, amen!

    Spread the Word far and wide. Don't be afraid for, or protective of, me. I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to gain by being secretive. He that keeps his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My [the Lord's] sake will have it."

    "If we deny the Lord, He will deny us but if we confess Him before men, He will confess us before the Father and the angels." This I know by experience and not doctrine only. Amen!

    Jesus Christ, HE is Lord. HE is our Savior. HE is Almighty God. I am none of those, but I do sit on His throne and reign with Him over all the nations. I am as Him and He speaks and rules by me.

    Prove me wrong, anyone. Many have tried, and not succeeded. They may mock, scorn, ridicule, blaspheme, accuse, and condemn me, but they can never prove me wrong or do anything to stop me. How can they resist God Almighty? It can't happen.

    And I DELIGHT to do His will. I love Him. I love His Law. That's the way it is.