How sure are you that your religion and your book is only the right one?

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How sure are you that your religion and your book is only the right one?

Postby Savita » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:52 am

I have come across your website and I am really puzzled with your claims. I am aware that you are Christian and you do not accept that there could be any other enlightened masters as Jesus. I have read your blog about email exchange with a lady over teachings of Omraam.

How can you claim that God would not send any other spiritual / highly evolved being to uplift and teach humanity? As you professes about Christianity, do you know of what Islam/Kuran says about other religions including Christianity? As Christians says Jesus is son of God, whereas, Islam rejects that, they recognize Jesus as only a prophet. As per Islam, anyone who does not accept Allah as one God is a non-believer! They too profess to say these words were spoken to Mohammed by heavenly angel. How sure are you that your religion and your book is only the right one? Also, even if it is, then simple straightforward, all humans would have born in Christian religion rather than others.

I am a spiritualist and do recognize and respect spiritual masters including Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Buddha. Why religions have such narrow view of God and his creation? I wonder what makes you claim that God is not competent enough to send more spiritually advanced souls on earth than just a few born hundreds/thousands of years ago. People from different regions had accepted spiritual masters such as Jesus/Mohammed/Krishna as God or messengers of God because prior to them there was no real advancement of 'heart' / human virtues in the world and they had not seen anyone as spiritually advanced as these master hence the followers had established institutionalized religions. And not to forget, the holy Bible has undergone many different version of translations where the original message from the Jesus is either lost or manipulated.

Our genes / DNA carry messages/memories stored from our great great ancestors hence the current generation's knowledge on spirituality is more than of those existed thousands years back and hence our mental faculty is more advanced to reason / question / analyses.

I feel sad that human mind can be so manipulated to think that what they believe is only right! Our spiritual progress as one humanity is delaying only because of such low and limiting beliefs.

Re: How sure are you that your religion and your book is only the right one?

Postby Victor Hafichuk » Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:30 pm

Savita, you are misinformed and mistaken on many points, without proof or substance to your declarations, but I perceive no immediate need to go into those matters.

Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach, the One and Only Risen-from-the-Dead Lord and Savior of all men, introduced Himself to me personally by dream in July of 1972. In 1973, about 7 months later, He took over my life and delivered me from the impossible bondages of vice in my life, something nobody else could do for me.

This was a new, second dimension - deliverance from the natural and uncontrollable propensity to break His Law (called “sinning” in the Scriptures).

That year, He took me out of the debt I had been burdened with for years. The year after (1974), He gave me a wife, and a month later, on January 1, 1975, He came to dwell in us. This was a third dimension, as high above the others as the heavens are above the earth. For more information and explanation, read Victor Hafichuks Testimony and Victors First Three Dreams from the Lord.

Since that time to the present, we have been personally walking, talking, and working with Jesus Christ, Who is Almighty God. We are in His service as His son and daughter. There are several others with us who have met and communed with Him, as well.

If you really wish to get into detail, read wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE.

What we declare cannot be claimed by anyone concerning any other person, god, or avatar - not Krishna, Muhammad, Allah, Buddha, or any other, and has not been generally claimed, certainly not legitimately. Not even Muhammad, a liar, murderer, rapist, thief, and sexual pervert (their own “holy books” declare these things), has made such claims about his god, Allah.

Nor has any Muslim of any Islamic sect claimed a personal relationship with Muhammad to this day. It doesn't happen. That's because he's dead. Jesus Christ is alive and rules with all power and authority.

Jesus Christ declared Himself the Only Begotten Son of God, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He openly declared that there was no other way to God but by Him. Either He was a fool or liar to make such claims, or others have falsely attributed those claims to Him, OR those things were true.

The preponderant evidence on available, reasonable, verifiable record declares those claims were true, and those who testified of these things freely laid down their lives in their testimonies, because their lives were transformed and they were compelled to share their joy and message called “The Good News” with all the world. They would not do so for lies, and lies don't transform lives and raise them up to heights unknown to mankind as a whole.

Read Here Is the Way It Is and How One Is Saved.

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