Out of the ministry and basically out of church for the past 22 years

Correspondence regarding the case for coming out of the church systems built by men.

Out of the ministry and basically out of church for the past 22 years

Postby Aug » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:47 pm

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hello Victor, i found your site while searching the internet for things pertaining to Jesus. it is an easy thing to find most anything religious/Christian on the web but to find anything truly pertaining to God is quite hard. i found you as a result of listening to an interview given by Sid Roth to Glenda Jackson on his supernatural program. my spirit seemed to witness the authenticity of her testimony but not so much that of Sid Roth.

anyway, one thing led to another and i came upon your site, To the Path of Truth and your false teachers section. Mr. Roth is in there but she was not! all that being said i am a former pastor that has been out of the ministry and basically out of church for the past 22 years. i never lost faith in God but i did in people and so i've been floundering around in the wilderness all those years. of late i find that i'm being drawn back into the fold and God seems to be dealing with me on a number of fronts. i feel your experience with the Lord is the real deal so i wish to say a great big "thank you" for being on the web and maybe we can continue some sort of dialogue in the future.

your brother in Christ,


Re: Out of the ministry and basically out of church for the past 22 years

Postby Victor Hafichuk » Sat May 09, 2015 8:02 pm

Hi Aug,

Thank you for writing; I appreciate receiving such letters. We don't get nearly as many friendly letters as hateful, but that's okay, too. It all comes with the calling under God's sovereign hand. He is Lord. Many have been blessed and are being set free in wonderful ways; we're thankful to see it happen; it is our reward.

There are many thousands of false teachers in the world and we're aware of many more than we list. Most of the ones you see on our site, not all, are people who have been brought to our attention by those writing us or those the Lord has brought our attention to, like Billy Graham, an all-time favorite of most nominal orthodox Christians. Touch BG and you are suddenly guilty of touching the apple of God's eye. Few professing believers know the deception.

I would be glad to have a dialogue with you. I hope you receive the grace to receive what He has given us to share. Jesus Christ is what it's all about, Aug. He is Lord and by Him all things consist; they were all made by and for Him.

I hope to hear from you again. Take the conversation in whatever direction you feel you need to. If we have anything to share, it will be the Lord Who gives it. Consider it has been the grace of God to have you “out of church” all this time. That can be a VERY good thing. My wife and I have been out of the church systems by His command since March of 1976. Those we left thought we would die...and we did, but not as they expected. It was the cross that led to life!

He is Faithful and True! He lives, Aug, He lives.

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